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US Stocks Watchlist – 22 February 2023

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NVDA rebounded strongly in the after-hours trading session on earnings results, moving over +8%, which pushes it back towards the recent highs in its early Stage 2 advance. Which is a potential positive for the broader market breadth due to its size and influence as one of the mega cap stocks, and also the largest of the Semiconductor stocks. Which have been one of the strongest improving group themes since the October 2022 swing low, with multiple stocks hitting new 52 week highs as well as a few all time highs even, which we are not seeing a lot of currently following the deep Stage 4 decline that many stocks experienced in 2022. 

Highlighted US Stocks

There were 20 stocks highlighted from the US stocks watchlist scans today

NVDA, ALIT, MNDY, AXP + 16 more...

Market Breadth: NYSE Bullish Percent Index

NYSE Bullish Percent Index reverses to a column of Os (Defense) in the upper-middle range. So this longer term market breadth measure changes to P&F Bull Correction status

To learn more about the P&F statuses & meanings go to the Bullish Percent category.

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