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Watchlist Top 30 Relative Strength Leaders Per Group

With the Fed rate decision tomorrow, I thought it would interesting, as well as useful, to do a different type of post instead of the normal watchlist, that highlights 30 of the leading stocks using their Relative Strength (RS) score*, that have appeared in the watchlist since the beginning of August. But on a per group basis. So that there is one one result per group, to give us a broader view than just doing it on the RS score alone...
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US Stocks Watchlist – 15 September 2022

Many individual stocks continue to show strong relative strength versus the market action and have continued on with the development of Stage 1 bases, and an increasing number of stocks have been moving into early Stage 2. However, many "setups" as people like to call them have become broken, with large shakeouts and breakdowns of patterns in many areas also...
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Stage Analysis Members Weekend Video – 11 September 2022 (1hr 34mins)

The weekend video begins with a detailed look at some of the weeks strong volume Stage 2 movers weekly charts and some interesting Stage 1 stocks too. Then an update on the major indexes developing Stage 1 base structures. What's moving in the US Industry Groups Relative Strength Rankings and the IBD Industry Groups Bell Curve – Bullish Percent...
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