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Stage Analysis – Stock Trading & Investing

Trading and Investing using Stan Weinstein's Stage Analysis method from his classic book Secrets for Profiting in Bull and Bear Markets

Stage Analysis is a place for people who trade and invest using Stan Weinstein’s breakout method as described in his book from 1988 “Secrets for Profiting in Bull and Bear Markets“, where he details his classic four stage breakout method for identifying the best quality stocks to buy and sell in any market environment. It is a forum to learn, share ideas and discuss the method with other serious traders and investors.

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Stan Weinstein’s method has stood the test of time with only minor changes since the book was published, which I’ve managed to find out through many years of researching the method. He continues to publish The Global Trend Alert service (GTA), which is out of reach financially for most people, except for institutional investors and high net worth individuals, and so I've created the Stage Analysis Forum as a way for serious ordinary investors to be able to learn the method and collaborate with each other on ideas.

So if you trade or invest on the stock market using Stan Weinstein’s method then please register for free and take some time to look around the the thousands of posts and charts in the forum, as it’s the most in-depth resource on the internet of Stan Weinstein’s Stage Analysis Four Stages Breakout method.

Learn Stage Analysis – Video Course

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Learn the incredibly popular Stage Analysis method to gain an edge in your stock trading and investing. This video course makes no assumptions of prior experience of the Stage Analysis method or even any prior stock trading and investing knowledge.

We begin with the very basics and foundations of Stan Weinstein’s classic method, and introduce key concepts in a logical way, through detailed real life examples of stocks charts in the different stages. Taking you from complete beginner to some expert level Stage Analysis concepts. And so, by the end of the course you will be completely comfortable trading and investing using the Stage Analysis method and will never look at a stock chart in the same way again!

What you’ll learn

  • Learn the Four Stages of the Stan Weinstein’s Stage Analysis Method
  • The Stage Analysis Investor & Trader Methods – When to Buy, and When to Sell for Maximum Gains
  • The Key Components of the Stage Analysis Method to Find the Stocks With the A+ Potential
  • A Classic Technical Analysis Method That Will Let You Enter and Exit Stock Trades With Confidence
  • Learn the Ideal Stage 2 Entry Points to Maximise Profit Potential and Minimise Risk

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Blog Posts

Gold Miners Breakout Attempt and the US Stocks Watchlist – 28 November 2023

The Gold miners group has been coming back into focus over the last few weeks, with a point and figure double top breakout in the IBD industry group chart (Percentage above 30 week MA) on the 16th November and strong expansion in the moving average breadth with 75% of the GDX etf stocks now above their long-term 200 day MAs...
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Stage Analysis Technical Attributes Scores – Nasdaq 100

The Stage Analysis Technical Attributes (SATA) score is our proprietary indicator that helps to identify the four stages from Stan Weinstein's Stage Analysis method, using a scoring system from 0 to 10 that rates ten of the key technical characteristics that we look for when analysing the weekly charts.
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Stage Analysis Members Video – 26 November 2023 (1hr 19mins)

Stage Analysis members weekend video discussing the Major US Stock Market Indexes, Industry Groups Relative Strength (RS) Rankings, IBD Industry Group Bell Curve – Bullish Percent, the key Market Breadth Charts to determine the Weight of Evidence, Significant Weekly Bars and the US watchlist stocks in detail on multiple timeframes.
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IBD Industry Groups Bell Curve – Bullish Percent

The IBD Industry Groups Bell Curve increased by +1.88% this week to finish at 41.88% overall. The amount of groups in Stage 4 (Weak) decreased by 5 (-2.5%), and the amount of groups in Stage 2 (Strong) increased by 8 (+4%), while the amount groups in Stage 1 or Stage 3 (Neutral) decreased by 3 (-1.5%).
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Nasdaq 100 Testing the Top of the Recent Range – Stage 2 Continuation or Developing UTAD?

The Nasdaq 100 has continued to strengthen over the last few weeks with a lockout rally since the Shakeout / Spring and gap at the start of the month. The majority of this price action has occurred in the right hand part of the multi-month base structure so far, clearing two internal swing highs within the range – which is a Change of Character and hence potentially may be Phase D of a re-accumulation base...
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