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LCID W 29 10 21

$LCID - Stage 2 Breakout on Strong Relative Volume

LCID has been developing a Stage 1 base for the last six months and this week broke out into early Stage 2, which is known as Stage 2A, on strong relative volume of more than 4.8x the weekly average, with relative strength versus the S&P 500 also breaking out and above a rising zero line (52 week RS MA)...
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OPEN W 8 10 21

$OPEN Nearing the Top of the Base in Late Stage 1

OPEN has been basing for the last seven months in what is know as the Institutional Due Diligence Phase (I-DDP) following a strong initial IPO Advance Phase (IPO-AP) from September 2020 to February 2021 of over +200%...
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ONDS W 1 10 21

$ONDS Stock Testing the Top of the Stage 1 Base

ONDS (Ondas Holdings) made an early Stage 2A breakout attempt this week from its developing Stage 1 base on strong relative volume, but ended the week under the resistance level from the June high and prior higher range forming an upthrust and remains in Stage 1. It did however close the week well above numerous recent near term swing highs from within the range and formed a Significant Bar on the 28th September which is visible on the daily chart.
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SNAP W 24 9 21

$SNAP - Stage 2 Continuation Breakout to New Highs

SNAP make a Stage 2 continuation breakout to new highs this week following a 9 week consolidation period from the major Stage 2 breakout attempt back in July, where it gapped up from the major base structure on significant volume following its earnings announcement.
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PLTR D 17 9 21

$PLTR - Stage 2 Breakout

PLTR made a Stage 2A breakout this week on more than 2x the average weekly volume, which is one of the key criteria that we look for in the Stage Analysis method in order to differentiate between the high quality and low quality breakouts. The other key criteria are, Relative Strength versus the S&P 500 outperforming, Relative Strength versus the Peer Group outperforming and for the stock to have no near term resistance (six months or more of basing is a good rough guide for this).
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LULU W 10 9 21

$LULU - Stage 2 Breakout

LULU made a Stage 2 breakout to new highs. You could make the case that it already moved into Stage 2 on the 23rd July. But there wasn't any volume uptick then and it only just committed above the top of the range, and so it lacked conviction at that point. Whereas this weeks breakout was on much more than 2x the average weekly volume requirement that we look for in the Stage Analysis method and came following a Power Earnings Gap (PEG) on Thursday to new highs after better than expected earnings results on Wednesday after the close.
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CRWD W 27 8 21

$CRWD - Stage 2 Breakout

$CRWD Crowdstrike Holdings made a new Stage 2 breakout last week from a seven month base structure on more than 2x weekly average volume and with relative strength versus the S&P 500 at new highs.
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U D 13 78 21

$U Stock – Stage 2A Breakout

Unity Software $U stock made a Stage 2A breakout this week from the five month Stage 1 base that had been forming since the Selling Climax (SC) in early March. It closed the week strongly near the high of the weekly price bar.
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BTCUSD W 8 8 21

Bitcoin - Stage 1

Bitcoin is at a pivotal point once more as it moves back into Stage 1 on a weekly basis, (which is what we use to determine the major Stages), following a failed attempts to breakdown into Stage 4, which reversed into a Spring / Last Point of Support (LPS)...
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