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Stage Analysis Members is a stock trading educational service (not an alerts service) focused on US Stocks.

Stage Analysis aims to find the best opportunities before the crowd and then ride the leading stocks as they advance higher in Stage 2 using a combination of Stan Weinstein's Stage Analysis method, Wyckoff, Minervini, CAN SLIM and other complementary techniques from our 17 years of experience in the markets.

What Members Receive

Videos – Two regular videos a week (Approx 1 hour each on Sunday and Wednesday) with detailed analysis of the markets, sectors, industry groups relative strength, market breadth analysis and individual stocks in focus – plus members requests. This alone is worth the cost of the monthly membership!

Detailed Articles & Unique Research – regular stock and market analysis combining Stan Weinstein’s Stage Analysis method and the trading and investing techniques of Richard D. Wyckoff.

US Stocks Watchlist – get the full regular watchlist and additional commentary.

Learn how to combine the Stage Analysis and Wyckoff methods on multiple timeframes.

Marked Up Charts on multiple time frames with Stage Analysis and Wyckoff

➜ To succeed in trading you need to keep your losses small and let your winners run. So we always focus on risk management first, so that you keep most of those hard earned profits when the market environment is unfavourable, and outperform when it is favourable.

Coming Soon: Stage Analysis Technical Attributes (SATA) Screener.

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SPX W 16 2 24

Stage Analysis Members Video – 18 February 2024 (1hr 12mins)

Stage Analysis members weekend video discussing the US watchlist stocks in detail on multiple timeframes, the Significant Weekly Bars, Industry Groups Relative Strength (RS) Rankings, IBD Industry Group Bell Curve – Bullish Percent, the key Market Breadth Charts to determine the Weight of Evidence, and the Major US Stock Market Indexes...
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