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Market Breadth Update

US Sectors - Percentage of Stocks Above their 150 Day (30 Week) Moving Average (Data from the whole US market)

Average: 46.68% (+7.77% 1wk)

3 sectors are in the Stage 2 zone (Energy, Utilities, Basic Materials)

4 sectors are in Stage 1 / 3 zone (Financials, Real Estate, Industrials, Consumer Staples)

4 sectors are in Stage 4 zone (Communication Services, Consumer Discretionary, Technology, Health Care)

A postive overall week with the biggest moves in some of the lagging sectors.

Energy continues to lead with 92% of Energy stocks above their 150 day MA, which is an extreme level. But it held above the 90% level for six months in the early part of 2021.

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