Stage Analysis Video Training Course


Effective Volume

Stage Analysis Members Video – 27 November 2022 (1hr 24mins)

The Stage Analysis members weekend video discussing the market indexes, Dollar index, commodities, industry groups relative strength, IBD industry group bell curve – bullish percent, market breadth charts to determine the weight of evidence, this weeks Stage 2 breakout attempts and the US watchlist stocks in detail on multiple timeframes.
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Stage Analysis Members Weekend Video – 24 July 2022 (1hr 17mins)

The Stage Analysis members weekend video starts this week with a focus on the Semiconductors group, as around 1/4 of the group are reporting earnings in the coming week, and have shown strong relative strength since the start of the month, rising back up the relative strength rankings and and industry group bell curve.
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Stage Analysis Members Midweek Video – 20 July 2022 (1hr 22mins)

Tonights Stage Analysis Members midweek video begins with a look at the Sector Rotation Model that suggests the sectors that tend to lead the market at the different points in the market cycle and economic cycle. Followed by a brief chat of the recent article on the Top 5 Books To Learn the Wyckoff Method, before discussing the Major Index charts...
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