AMD D 13 8 21

US Stocks Watchlist - 15 August 2021

For the watchlist from the weekend scans - AMD, ARRY, BILL, DASH, DDOG, DOCU, EBAY, GOOGL, HAS, HMHC, LULU, NVDA, OPEN, PLTR, SI, SNAP, SONO, SQ, SYNA, TPX, U, YETI, YUM, ZI, ZS
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U D 13 78 21

$U Stock – Stage 2A Breakout

Unity Software $U stock made a Stage 2A breakout this week from the five month Stage 1 base that had been forming since the Selling Climax (SC) in early March. It closed the week strongly near the high of the weekly price bar.
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BTCUSD W 8 8 21

Bitcoin - Stage 1

Bitcoin is at a pivotal point once more as it moves back into Stage 1 on a weekly basis, (which is what we use to determine the major Stages), following a failed attempts to breakdown into Stage 4, which reversed into a Spring / Last Point of Support (LPS)...
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