PCIP L W 3 1 20

UK Stocks Watchlist - 3rd January 2020

For the UK watchlist from the weekend scans - AGK.L, ARW.L, AVG.L, BA..L, BLND.L, BOTB.L, CHG.L, CNE.L, CTEC.L, DEMG.L, EAT.L, FCSS.L, GGP.L, GHT.L, GPM.L, GVC.L, JUP.L, JUST.L, LEK.L, LSE.L, LUCE.L, ORCP.L, PCIP.L, RAV.L, SCT.L, SLP.L, SMDS.L, TSG.L, UDG.L, VCT.L
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