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The blog shows all articles in date order – including the US Stocks Watchlist, Videos, Indexes, Market Breadth and featured articles on Industry Groups, Sectors or individual Stocks. But if you want see the watchlist posts only, then use the Watchlist tab in the menu, or the category link in the sidebar area.

US Stocks Watchlist – 22 February 2023

NVDA rebounded strongly in the after-hours trading session on earnings results, moving over +8%, which pushes it back towards the recent highs in its early Stage 2 advance. Which is a potential positive for the broader market breadth due to its size and influence as one of the mega cap stocks, and also the largest of the Semiconductor stocks...
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Market Breadth: Average True Range – S&P 1500 Stocks

The 3x Average True Range (ATR) bands via the Keltner Channels indicator is a concept that I've been using for many years, since I first learned it from studying Alexander Elder's methods, as it can give a very useful guide for short-term trends, when stocks are extended from their normal range, it can even help with position sizing and stop loss positioning. So it can be very useful in multiple ways.
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Stage Analysis Members Video – 20 February 2023 (1hr 34mins)

The Stage Analysis members weekend video featuring recent Stage 2 breakout attempts, the major US Indexes, the futures charts, US Industry Groups RS Rankings, IBD Industry Groups Bell Curve - Bullish Percent, the Market Breadth Update to help to determine the Weight of Evidence, the US Stocks Watchlist in detail on multiple timeframes and finishing with a look at the Stage Analysis of some of the major crypto coins, as a few attempt to move into early Stage 2 once more after huge Stage 4 declines in 2022.
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IBD Industry Groups Bell Curve – Bullish Percent

The IBD Industry Groups Bell Curve contracted for a second week, but slowed considerably with only a -0.53% decline, closing at 57.04% overall. The amount of groups in Stage 4 was unchanged, and the amount of groups in Stage 2 decreased by -3 (-1.5%), while the amount groups in Stage 1 or Stage 3 increased by +3 (+1.5%).
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US Stocks Watchlist – 16 February 2023

A relatively small list tonight following todays weak market action, but I wanted to highlight a few after-hours movers following earnings results, plus a couple of other stocks from the scans.
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Software Group Focus Video – 15 February 2023 (54 mins)

Software has been a consistent theme in the watchlist posts over the last few months and the group has recently attempted to move into early Stage 2. So todays video is a special group focus on the best of the Software group stocks, with live markups and discussion on multiple timeframes of recent Stage 2 breakouts, early Stage 2 stocks, some still developing in Stage 1 and the strongest stocks in the group.
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US Stocks Watchlist – 14 February 2023

There were 40 stocks highlighted from the US stocks watchlist scans today. Software and Semiconductors continue to dominate the watchlist scans with multiple stocks in each attempting to move into early Stage 2...
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