NET W 20 2 20

US Breakout Stocks Watchlist - 20 February 2020

I've only highlighted one solar stock, but there was a number of other solar stocks that appeared in my scans tonight, so might be worth investigating the solar sector to see if there's anything going on there.
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WPM W 19 2 20

US Breakout Stocks Watchlist - 19 February 2020

I'm back from my ski trip to Austria, and feeling mentally refreshed, but physically exhausted at the same time. So am easing myself back into the market. Here's todays additions to watchlist from my scans...
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Market Breadth BP MA 31 1 20

US MARKET BREADTH VIDEO - Where Will the Market Go Next?

A regular look beneath the surface of the US stock market, featuring the key market breadth charts for timing trading stocks and the stock market indexes, such as the NYSE Bullish Percent Index, the Advance Decline Line, the New Highs - New Lows etc...
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DOCU D 29 1 20

US Breakout Stocks Watchlist - 29th January 2020

A big list for the watchlist tonight from Wednesdays scans with a few Stage 2A breakouts and multiple continuation breakouts - AGEN, AMX, AVY, CGEN, DOCU, DT, ENVA, EVBG, FB, GE, GRWG, IMGN, IR, LFVN, LM, MDB, NSC, OPB, RDNT, RMBS, SEAC, TNDM
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