PINS D 15 9 20

US Breakout Stocks Watchlist - 15 September 2020

A lot of leaders showing up in tonights scans, with a heavy weighting in the Software group. For the watchlist from Tuesdays scans - APPS, CRNC, CRWD, DDOG, DECK, FSLY, GRWG, GSX, NOW, NVTA, PINS, SEDG, SGMS, SQ, TSM, UPS, ZM
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GFI D 14 9 20

US Breakout Stocks Watchlist - 14 September 2020

There's a few sector themes continuing to appear in the watchlist, with multiple Biotech stocks, and Gold and Silver miners breaking out or near the top of bases. For the watchlist from Mondays scans - ADAP, AEM, AG, AMTI, BTG, BYND, CLDX, FSM, GFI, GH, INFY, KTOS, MAG, NIO, NSTG, SE, SGMS, SILV, SSRM, TPX, TSLA, VRT, VSLR, WMS
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