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US Breakout Stocks Watchlist - 15 June 2020

There were a few charts of interest today which I posted on my twitter page: including the VIX and some more fun with google sheets, which I've been experiementing with recently, as you can get free stock data that automatically updates with a 20 min delay. So i've set up my entire trade spreadsheet on their now so that I can see the portfolio updates automatically, and have included volume, average volume etc, which is really useful info to have intraday in a spreadsheet.
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US Stock Market. Bullish Percent Index to Bear Alert Status. What does the Weight of Evidence Say?

Weekend update of the major US stock market indexes and indicators. A weekly look beneath the surface of the US stock market, featuring the key market breadth charts for timing trading stocks and the stock market indexes, such as the NYSE Bullish Percent Index, the Advance Decline Line, the New Highs - New Lows etc and some custom breadth indicators of my own in order to determine what the "Weight of Evidence" is suggesting in terms of the US stock market direction and how to allocate your money.
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US Breakout Stocks Watchlist - 7 June 2020

You'll notice this weekend a number of big name stocks in the watchlist (AMZN, FB, GOOG, INTC, MA, MSFT, V) which is interesting as each are making constructive patterns and are near to, or have already broken out of those patterns. So it is a positive breadth signal imo, as these widely held stocks by institutions and funds.
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