LULU W 10 9 21

$LULU - Stage 2 Breakout

LULU made a Stage 2 breakout to new highs. You could make the case that it already moved into Stage 2 on the 23rd July. But there wasn't any volume uptick then and it only just committed above the top of the range, and so it lacked conviction at that point. Whereas this weeks breakout was on much more than 2x the average weekly volume requirement that we look for in the Stage Analysis method and came following a Power Earnings Gap (PEG) on Thursday to new highs after better than expected earnings results on Wednesday after the close.
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PYPL 2hr 5 9 21

Stage Analysis - Members Weekend Video - 5th September 2021

Introduction to Stage Analysis - Members service, Stock Market Overview, Major Indexes & Sectors, Industry Group Relative Strength, Market Breadth Charts (Percentage of stocks above their key MAs, Bullish Percent Indexes, Advance Decline Lines, New High New Lows, Cumulative P&F Breakouts - Breakdowns, Stage Analysis Technical Attributes (SATA) scoring system and the US Watchlist Stocks in focus - ASAN, MDB, DOCU, CRWD, PYPL and many more...
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CRWD W 27 8 21

$CRWD - Stage 2 Breakout

$CRWD Crowdstrike Holdings made a new Stage 2 breakout last week from a seven month base structure on more than 2x weekly average volume and with relative strength versus the S&P 500 at new highs.
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