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Most Vulnerable US Stocks & ETFs – 15 December 2022

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This is the first post of a new weekly regular feature focusing on some of the most vulnerable issues in the US market, in order to get a broader picture of the overall market health and contribute valuable information to our Weight of Evidence – which is the key to successfully using Stan Weinstein's Stage Analysis method.

The posts will include stocks and etfs making breakdowns in Stage 4, or just technically weak stocks – i.e with a Stage Analysis Technical Attributes (SATA) score of 4 or less – in either Stage 4, Stage 1 or Stage 3 that are below short or medium term moving averages, or making short-term breakdowns within the base structure and many other alternate signs of weakness, such as weak rally attempts within the base that then fail at resistance, upthrusts, failed breakouts, weak spring attempts etc.

There were 45 technically weak/vulnerable stocks stocks/etfs highlighted today: 

AAPL, ARKW, LNTH, MSTR + 41 more...

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