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Watchlist Top 30 Relative Strength Leaders Per Group

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With the Fed rate decision tomorrow, I thought it would interesting, as well as useful, to do a different type of post instead of the normal watchlist, that highlights 30 of the leading stocks using their Relative Strength (RS) score*, that have appeared in the watchlist since the beginning of August. But on a per group basis. So that there is one one result per group, to give us a broader view than just doing it on the RS score alone. 

As otherwise, they would all be focused in only a few groups and wouldn't give us a broad enough picture of the market.

The stocks shown aren't necessarily the leaders of their groups, as other stocks might have higher RS scores and may have been shown much earlier in the watchlist, and might not been featured again since the start of August – which this is based on. But for the purposes of this post I'm only focusing on the more recently highlighted stocks. So keep that in mind.

So with the Fed rate decision tomorrow, these broad range of leading stocks from 30 different groups will give a good idea of the market breadth in the days following the decision. So they will be useful to review at the weekend especially, once the news has had time to be digested a little. 

*I'm using stockcharts SCTR score for the RS score for this.

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