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Stage Analysis Members Midweek Video – 17 August 2022 (1hr 25mins)

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Major Indexes – S&P 500, Nasdaq, Russell 2000
Industry Group Bullish Percent – Comparisons
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Market Breadth Update
Bitcoin – Breaking below the 21 day EMA
US Stocks Watchlist in Detail – Live Markups

This weeks Stage Analysis Members midweek video starts with a feature on the IBD Industry Group Bullish Percent Index, which I highlighted in the blog post on Tuesday. So I wanted to do a deeper discussion on the comparative periods using the S&P 500 to show the type of market behaviour that came next during each of the previous periods.

In this weeks video I also cover some of the short-term market breadth indicators, and discuss Bitcoin breaking below the 21 day EMA today. 

The final part of the video is a detailed discussion of the US watchlist stocks from the early part of this week and a few additions from today on multiple timeframes with what I'm watching for and why they have been highlighted.

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