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Video: Software Stocks Group Focus – Stage 1 Bases Proliferate – 10 August 2022 (1hr 7mins)

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Software Group ETF Stage Analysis
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Software Group Individual Stocks Stage Analysis – Detailed markups of the stocks with the strongest relative strength in early Stage 2 and transitioning to Stage 1.

Todays Stage Analysis Members midweek video is a special feature on the Software group, which has been rising up the relative strength rankings over the last month, and has seen many stocks from the group appearing in the watchlist, due to the large number of stocks bases transitioning towards Stage 1, as well as a smaller number of stronger stocks in the group making the move into early Stage 2. 

Hence, as industry group themes are such an important part of Stan Weinstein's Stage Analysis method, I thought it would be useful to do a deeper dive into the group to take note of the current Stages and quality of any base structures or early breakouts that have developed, and also as a teaching video of how stocks transition from Stage 4 to Stage 1, by marking up multiple stocks from the group and explaining what characteristics to look for.

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