Stage Analysis Members Midweek Video - 23 March 2022 (54 mins)

Stage Analysis Members Midweek Video covering the Major Indexes, Short Term Market Breadth Indicators, the 104 Industry Groups Exclusive Bell Curve diagram, the potential Stage 2 Backup Entry Zone for Gold, the daily Stage 1 base structures in Bitcoin & Ethereum and the US Watchlist Stocks in more detail.

Major Indexes - S&P 500, Nasdaq & Russell 2000
Market Breadth: Short Term Indicators – Bullish Percent Index 1 hour chart, Percentage of stocks above their 20 day EMAs and the Nasdaq Advance Decline Volume Line EMAs.
Industry Groups Bell Curve Explained
Gold - Potential Stage 2 Backup Entry Zone?
Bitcoin & Ethereum - Daily Stage 1 Base Structures
US Watchlist Stocks

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