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Video: New Features – 1 May 2024 (25mins)

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Video discussing more of the new features added in the last week to the Stage Analysis website, which included: 

  • Theme / Groups ETFs loaded in the ETF Summary page and US ETFs (Full List) – some of the most liquid ETFs including: ARKK, SMH, TAN etc.
  • Sector and Sub-industry filters for the US Stocks (Full List) page, which are the beginnings of the Stage Analysis Screener, and immediately make it considerably easier to find stocks on the move.
  • Sub-industries Bell Curve Sectors filter – which converts the powerful Bell Curve into 12 different interactive graphics and tables, and includes the combined percentages of sub-industries on Weak, Neutral and Strong scores.

All the features are available for Stage Analysis members to use, and the Stage Analysis Technical Attributes (SATA) score data is updated roughly 1 hour 15 minutes after the close each day.

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