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Market Breadth Update - 27 February 2022

US Sectors Breadth

Percentage of Stocks Above their 150 Day (30 Week) Moving Average (Data from the whole US market)

Average: 40.62% (+1.83% 1wk)

1 sector is in the Stage 2 zone (Energy)

5 sectors are in Stage 1 / 3 zone (Financials, Utilities, Basic Materials, Consumer Staples, Real Estate)

5 sectors are in Stage 4 zone (Industrials, Consumer Discretionary, Communication Services, Technology, Health Care)

Energy is currently the only sector in the Stage 2 zone, while almost 2/3 of the sectors are in the lower half of the table, with health care reaching lower levels than it did during the covid crash in March 2020 over the last month, but starting to recover a little.

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