Stage Analysis Video Training Course


Learn Stage Analysis

Learn the Four Stages from Stan Weinstein's Stage Analysis method and the ideal entry points for the Investor method and the Trader method by taking out 3.5 hour video training course on udemy here: Learn Stage Analysis

Stage Analysis Study Guide - Questions and Answers

The purpose of this Study Guide will be to help people learn to identify the Stages and to emphasise the importance of a full analysis taking into account the various technical attributes that we look to for guidance in determining the Stages i.e. price action in relation to the 10 and 30 week moving averages, volume, relative performance versus the market and the sector, support and resistance zones etc.
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Stage Analysis Breakout Quality Checklist

The following is a checklist to work through to determine the quality of the breakout and whether it meets the methods requirements. The starting point for Weinstein's method when looking to buy a stock is first to consider Stan's "Forest to the Trees" Approach:
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Analysing the Stage 2 run in Ford (F)

It's hard to sit through an entire Stage 2 advance, as there are usually a number of significant pullbacks towards the 30 week moving average which try to shake people out of the stock. The following is a breakdown of Fords entire Stage 2 advance from late 2012 until the end of 2013
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