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Stan Weinstein's Stage Analysis - Definitions of the Stages and Sub-stages

The four stages and sub-stages definitions from Stan Weinstein's Global Trend Alert

Stage 1A Start of a base. Needs much more time.
Stage 1 Basing Phase. May begin accumulation.
Stage 1B Late in base-building phase. Watch for breakout.

Stage 2A Early in uptrend stage. Ideal time to buy aggressively.
Stage 2 Advancing Stage.
Stage 2B Getting late in uptrend.

Stage 3A Looks as if a top is starting to form. Be sure to protect holdings with a close stop.
Stage 3 The Top Area. Start to reduce positions.
Stage 3B Has become increasingly toppy. Use rallies for at least partial selling.

Stage 4A Stock has entered Downtrend Stage. Close out remaining positions.
Stage 4 The Declining Stage. Avoid on the long side.
Stage 4B Late in downtrend. Much too soon to consider buying.
Stage 4B- Although not yet 'officially' in Stage 1A, stock has now seen its low for the cycle.

Additional ratings
(A) Early in that Stage.
(B) Late in that Stage.
(+) Outstanding pattern in that Stage.
(-) Unexciting pattern in that Stage.

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