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US Stocks Watchlist - 16 January 2022

There were 36 stocks for the US stocks watchlist today. Here's a small sample from the list:

AMAT, BTU, DE, GSL, + 32 more...

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Nasdaq Composite

Nasdaq Composite - Two weeks below the 30 week MA. It had been above the 30 week MA since April 2020 until start of the year.

Relative strength versus the S&P 500 making lower lows ahead of the price action.

S&P 500

S&P 500 attempting to hold the three month trendline. Failure to hold could see a test of the lower part of the recent range and potentially the 200 day MA.

Percentage of S&P 500 stocks above their 20 day EMA at 51.20%

Major Indexes comparison chart

S&P 500 still showing the strongest RS. Currently all attempting to hold the test following the spring type action on Monday.

US Sectors & Major Index ETFs Relative Strength Table

Energy $XLE was the standout this week in the sectors with a further continuation to new highs in Stage 2.

104 Dow Jones Industry Groups sorted by Relative Strength

The purpose of the RS tables is to track the short, medium and long term RS changes of the individual groups to find the new leadership earlier than the crowd.

US New Highs - New Lows

Comparable values from the last 7 years: Late 2015, Late 2018, March 2020

US Total % Stocks Above their 50 Day, 150 Day & 200 Day Moving Averages Combined

Average: 38.84% (-0.40% 1wk)

Status: Difficult Environment

Cumulative Point & Figure Breakouts - Breakdowns

Totals for the week:

+375 double top stock breakouts
-953 double bottom stock breakdowns

-578 net breakouts - breakdowns

Status: Difficult Environment

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