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Group Focus: Semiconductors Review Before Earnings Results – 12 July 2023 (57mins)

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This weeks midweek video is a special group focus, following up on the strong Semiconductors group. Which I discussed at length in multiple videos and posts at the beginning of the year as it moved into early Stage 2, and it has since gone on to be one of this years leading groups. With multiple periods at the top of the Relative Strength rankings as it has advanced higher in Stage 2 over the last six months.

It is currently consolidating around the 2021 highs, and earnings season for the group beginnings tomorrow, with the bulk of the group reporting over the following four weeks into mid August. Hence, now seems like an appropriate time ahead of those earnings to review the group, and assess the quality of their Stage 2 advances to help to determine whether it might have another wave higher or not.

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