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US Stocks Watchlist - 18 November 2021

There were 7 stocks for the US stocks watchlist today. 

$BJ is of interest with a high volume Significant Bar from an earnings catalyst with a strong daily closing range. So will be interesting to see how the price and volume action forms relative to todays bar in the coming days.

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$IWM Russell 2000 Small Caps continuing to develop in a Backup (BU) range following its recent Stage 2 breakout to new highs. The backing up action has so far formed above the prior range and supply has been diminishing on the pullback.

$ANF showing strong RS today in a weak market. On watch for a Stage 2 continuation breakout attempt.

$AEHR with a change of behaviour today with a Significant Bar reversal. So looks like it's going to get its first test of the 50 day MA since the July breakout from which it ran over 600%. So with it coming to an area of support I will be watching for a base to develop.

Post Analysis - $U

$U I missed out on the extra bit of momentum up to the 200 level as I sold out of my final 1/2 position at the channel line before earnings. But imo it is looking like a Buying Climax (BC) now with a Secondary Test (ST) as an Upthrust (UT) today.

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