IBD Industry Groups Bell Curve – Bullish Percent

Average Distribution: 32.42% (+1.23% 1wk)

  • 142 Groups (71%) are in the Stage 4 zone
  • 48 Groups (24%) are in the Stage 1 or Stage 3 zone
  • 10 Groups (5%) are in the Stage 2 zone

The amount of groups in Stage 4 decreased by 9 (-4.5%), and the amount of groups in Stage 2 decreased by 1 (-0.5%), while the amount groups in Stage 1 or Stage 3 increased by 10 (+5%).

The average distribution is to the left of the center on the bell curve, and is deep in the Stage 4 zone (below 40%), and hence the bell curve remains in negative territory, which indicates a difficult trading environment.

However, it is starting to approach the levels of its 2022 major lows of 18.81% (June 17th 2022) and 17.60% (30 September 2022) – and remember that this is a contrarian market breadth tool, and so works in similar way to the Bullish Percent Index. i.e. we look for reversals from the extremes for signals.

Below is the data tables of the IBD groups bullish percent in order of relative strength and the position changes over the last 1, 2 and 4 weeks (Members Only).

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