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Stock Market Weakness Continues – Plus The US Stocks Watchlist – 11 April 2022

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The broad market came under more pressure today, but I thought it would be interesting to focus on some of the weekly charts of the mega cap stocks which are currently struggling in various Phases of Stage 3. 

GOOGL and MSFT (shown below) are in dangerous positions within their Stage 3 bases, with GOOGL especially close to the Stage 4 breakdown level once more with the relative strength line versus the S&P 500 moving below the Mansfield RS "Zero Line" (which is the 52 week RS Moving Average) and the 30 week MA turning down. 

While MSFT has a shorter Stage 3 range, but has developed a classic head and shoulder pattern and it is also moving below its Mansfield RS "Zero Line" and the 30 week MA is starting to turn lower.

AAPL on the other hand is doing a little bit better of the mega caps, as it also develops in Stage 3. But it is a much younger Stage 3 range and its relative strength line is still above the Mansfield RS "Zero Line" currently. However, of concern today was the strong close below the 50 day MA on the daily chart.

US Stocks Watchlist – 11 April 2022

There were 26 stocks for the US stocks watchlist today.

CTVA,  DOX, MOS, TELL + 22 more...

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