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104 Dow Jones Industry Groups sorted by Relative Strength

The purpose of the RS tables is to track the short, medium and long term RS changes of the individual groups to find the new leadership earlier than the crowd.

100 is strongest, 0 is weakest

I'll go through the most interesting groups on the move in detail during the members weekend video, which will be posted on Sunday.

You can find out which stocks are in each industry group by going to and clicking on the name of the group.

1 week, 2 week, 4 week and 12 week RS changes

Groups Focus: Semiconductors

The semiconductors group was the four strongest riser in the RS rankings this week after it averted a Stage 4 breakdown attempt last week and rebounded strongly with a weekly engulfing candle, to close this week back above the 50 day MA and just under the 30 week MA.

92 of the 95 stocks in the group has a postive and bulk of stocks had 5% to 30% gains week on week.

54 of the 96 had more than the 10 week average volume, with 7 having more than 2x the average weekly volume.

RMBS from the semiconductor group was one the few Stage 2 breakouts on more than 2x the average weekly volume this week, and was last highlighted in the watchlist in mid February as it started to build the base. Its weekly volume was the heaviest weekly volume since early 2019 with relative strength vs the S&P 500 at new highs ahead of the price action.

Below is the weekly charts of a few other strong RS stocks from the group from an initial look through the groups charts (i.e. NVDA, AOSL, ACLS, AVGO, GFS). But I'd recommend doing a deeper look at the entire group for a more comprehensive study. Here's the link to group and charts on stockcharts –  Semiconductor Group

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