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US Stocks Watchlist - 12 March 2022

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There were 40 stocks for the US stocks watchlist today. Here's a small sample from the list:

FLR, GLNG, SG, + 33 more...

ETFs in Focus

With the broad markets on the edge of Stage 4 territory, here are some ETFs that could benefit from the weakness in stocks.

EUM is a Short ETF for the Emerging Markets which has been moving out into Stage 2 over the last few weeks as the Emerging Markets index EEM has dropped into Stage 4.

SOGU is an ETF that enables you to Short SPACs. It is tightening up in Phase B of the developing base structure since the Jan 28 buying climax. Potential for a Stage 2 continuation breakout attempt in this short etf which shorts 25 spacs on a rolling basis.

XME etf is consolidating in early Stage 2 near the highs. It is an equal-weighted way to play copper, diversified metals and mining, gold, precious metals and minerals, silver, and steel.

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