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Semiconductors Stage 4 Breakdown Attempt and US Stocks Watchlist - 7 March 2022

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The Semiconductors Group started the week with a Stage 4 breakdown attempt below the recent support with the relative strength line versus the S&P 500 also making a lower low below the flattening zero line (52 week RS MA).

The Stage 4 breakdown is not confirmed yet, as it could still reverse during the week and turn into a Wyckoff Spring / Undercut and Rally. However, if it closes the week strongly below the breakdown level and near to the bottom of the price spread then the Stage 4 breakdown would be confirmed. So it is a pivotal week for the Semiconductor stocks.

US Stocks Watchlist - 7 March 2022

There were 20 stocks for the US stocks watchlist today. Here's a small sample from the list:

EGLE, GDXJ, TS, USER + 16 more...

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