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US Stocks Watchlist – 28 May 2024

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There were 27 stocks highlighted from the US stocks watchlist scans today

COPX, PAAS, RDDT + 24 more...

GICS Sub-industries Bell Curve

The GICS Sub-industries Bell Curve continues to weaken in the near term with the majority of stocks in the US market on Weak SATA scores (SATA 3 or less).

Stage Analysis members can view the unique interactive chart and view the individual stocks in each sub-industry and their SATA scores and Mansfield RS data at GICS Sub-industries Bell Curve

Stage Analysis Screener Update – Nasdaq Composite & NYSE Composite Stocks Added

The US Stocks Screener has had multiple updates in the last week to the filters, which I'm continuing to work on, adding customisation features currently. So users can further fine tune their scans.

But the biggest update this weekend was the addition of the Nasdaq Composite & NYSE Composite Indexes and their stocks. Taking the total US stocks and ETFs loaded on the site to 5000+ and giving us the broad US market data finally, a year and half after I started the Stage Analysis Screener project. So I'm really pleased, and have lots more features in the pipeline that will be adding in the coming months and years even. As the list is huge of what I want to do on here.

So I hope you are enjoying all of the new features, and let me know if you have any feedback.

Here's the link to the US Stocks Screener 

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