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US Stocks Watchlist – 7 May 2024

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I've included the Equal Weighted version of the Nasdaq 100 in tonights post, as it's at pivotal point below its 50 day MA, and prior upper-range breakdown level from mid April. Plus, it gives a different perspective to the standard Nasdaq 100 chart, which moved above its own 50 day MA two days ago. 

You can view the full Nasdaq 100 Stage Analysis Technical Attributes (SATA) data and charts on the website at: Nasdaq 100, which currently has the following stats:

  • Weak (SATA 0-3): 44%
  • Neutral (SATA 4-5): 19%
  • Strong (SATA 6-10): 37%

So there are slightly more stocks in Stage 3 and Stages 4 type positions than those in Stage 1 and Stage 2 currently in the Nasdaq 100, and this is a similar story in the rest of the US market with an even closer Weak: 42%, Neutral: 17%, Strong: 41%. Hence, with such a close mix between Weak and Strong SATA scores, it is highlighting a non-trending environment.

Watchlist Stocks

There were 20 stocks highlighted from the US stocks watchlist scans today

BROS, CRUS, HMY + 17 more...

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