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Video: Software Stocks Group Focus – Early Stage 2 Movers and Developing Stage 1 Bases – 7 September 2022 (1hr 8mins)

Today's video is a special feature following up on the Software group stocks progression over the last month since I last covered the group in early August: Video: Software Stocks Group Focus – Stage 1 Bases Proliferate – 10 August 2022, as at the time, numerous stocks within the group were showing signs of Stage 1 base structures developing.
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Part 2 – Stage Analysis Members Weekend Video – 5 September 2022 (49 mins)

In Part 2 of the Stage Analysis Members weekend video I discuss the highlighted stocks from the weekend scans as well as Thursday's post. With live markups and discussion on multiple timeframes of why they were highlighted and what part of the Stage that they are in, and what I'm looking for in order for them to become actionable and the group themes appearing...
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Stage Analysis Members Midweek Video – 24 August 2022 (1hr)

Todays Stage Analysis Members Video begins with a focus on the Uranium group, which formed a Sign of Strength bar in multiple stocks in the group today with strong relative volume, pushing the group towards the upper end of the recent base structure that's been developing as potential Stage 1. So there's a possibility that the group could attempt an early move Stage 2.
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Stage Analysis Members Midweek Video – 17 August 2022 (1hr 25mins)

This weeks midweek video starts with a feature on the IBD Industry Group Bullish Percent Index, which I highlighted in the blog post on Tuesday. So I wanted to do a deeper discussion on the comparative periods from the chart to show the type of market behaviour that came next during each of the previous periods.
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Video: Software Stocks Group Focus – Stage 1 Bases Proliferate – 10 August 2022 (1hr 7mins)

Todays Stage Analysis Members midweek video is a special feature on the Software group, which has been rising up the relative strength rankings over the last month, and has seen many stocks from the group appearing in the watchlist, due to the large number of stocks bases transitioning towards Stage 1, as well as a smaller number of stronger stocks in the group making the move into early Stage 2...
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