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AAXN D 28 4 20

US Breakout Stocks Watchlist - 28 April 2020

A smaller list tonight with a lot of early in the day breakout attempts and sharp reversals today. Here's tonights additions to the US watchlist from Tuesdays scans - AAXN, AMRK, CGNX, ENPH, GLOB, SVM, XONE
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AMSWA D 24 4 20

US Breakout Stocks Watchlist - 24 April 2020

Although a fairly average up day in the market. There was still a number of interesting breakouts or stocks close to their breakout levels. More than half the stocks in my scans were healthcare related though, but only a few made it into the watchlist as most are very extended short term.
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VNET W 23 4 20

US Breakout Stocks Watchlist - 23 April 2020

With the S&P 500 continuing to consolidate in sideways range near the 50% retracement level, and multiple other markets doing similar things. I thought it might be time to start looking for the watchlist again incase we do resolve to the upside.
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DRD W 22 4 20

Huge Moves in Multiple Gold Stocks

Multiple Gold Stocks have had 100%+ moves in the last six weeks. There has been new highs in many stocks in the sector as physical gold trends higher outperforming the stock market indexes and other commodities.
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UNEMPRATE M 9 4 20 1920px

Does a New Uptrend in the Unemployment Rate Mean That a Bear Market Is Just Getting Started?

Many of the short term market breadth indicators continued to gain strength and multiple are now on bullish signals. However, the medium and longer term signals mostly remain on bearish signals, with some struggling to make much headway from their extreme low levels such as the NYSE percentage of stocks above their 150 day moving averages and the cumulative new highs new lows for example.
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