Stage Analysis Video Training Course



Stage Analysis Members Video – 14 April 2024 (46mins)

Stage Analysis members weekend video discussing the Major US Stock Market Indexes, the Industry Groups Relative Strength (RS) Rankings, IBD Industry Group Bell Curve – Bullish Percent and transitioning to the new GICS Sub-industries Bell Curve data, the key Market Breadth Charts to determine the Weight of Evidence, this weeks Significant Weekly Bars moving on volume, and the US watchlist stocks.
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IBD Industry Groups Bell Curve – Bullish Percent

The IBD Industry Groups Bell Curve decreased by -4.06% this week to finish at 47.22% overall. The amount of groups in Stage 4 (Weak) increased by 15 (+7.5%), and the amount of groups in Stage 2 (Strong) decreased by 18 (-9%), while the amount groups in Stage 1 or Stage 3 (Neutral) increased by 3 (+1.5%).
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