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US Stocks Watchlist - 7 February 2022

There were 24 stocks for the US stocks watchlist today. Here's a small sample from the list:

GXO, COIN, NEM, SAVE, + 20 more...

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GXO has earnings coming up in weeks time on the 2/15/2022 (AMC) and has made spring and test attempt over the last 7 trading sessions, with it closing just above the 21 day EMA today and near the highs of the day, and so is showing strong RS, as the market sold off into the final hour quite strongly.

I'm watching for a follow through move out of the upper channel and 50 day MA. But with earnings so close I'm not inclined to trade any moves until that is out of the way.

COIN has rebounded well since the January 24th swing low with a double bottom and the test and follow through move today back towards the 21 day EMA, where it met some resistance. It remains in a downtrend, but has potentially put in a Selling Climax (SC) and is now attempting to develop a base. 

The crypto related stocks group moved strongly today, with crypto currencies continuing to strengthen in the short term, after making similar climactic moves recently. So a potential group theme is developing, and hence I'm watching the other crypto related stocks also for potential setups to develop on multiple timeframes.

NEM had strong move today as it continues to form a shallow cup with handle type pattern, and is one of the strongest in the Gold Mining group, which showed some strength today. So again look to other stocks in the group as well, as multiple stocks were appearing in the watchlist scans from it.

SAVE is in the Airlines group which showed up strongly in the watchlist scans tonight, but it was the most notable mover in the group with a 17% Earnings Gap Significant Bar on exceptionally large volume. So I'll be watching in the coming days to see how price and volume develops in relation to todays bar.


Polygon MATIC woke up today with a intraday Stage 2 breakout on strong relative volume stopping at the 50 day MA

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