US Stocks Watchlist - 16 November 2021

There were 25 stocks for the US stocks watchlist today. Here's a small sample from the list:

ONON, TSLA, AFRM, LI + 21 more...

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Watchlist Stocks on the Move

$LCID which has been a watchlist favourite this year and I also did a blog post on the Stage 2A breakout week - made a further continuation breakout within the early part of its fledgling Stage 2 advance following earnings and is now pushing up to towards the previous highs set when it was still trading as CCIV when it was a SPAC. So that could provide resistance in the near term.

$RBLX continuation breakout to new highs today following the Significant Bar on the earnings gap on the 9th Nov. Potential new leadership stock.

$QCOM from the SA watchlist continuing to power to new highs since the Significant Bar on the 4th Nov Stage 2 breakout on earnings

$MNDY got ahead of itself going into earnings with a fakeout, but didn't commit below the prior pivot on the earnings day collapse towards the bottom of the range. So looked bearish but acted bullish, and has since recovered back through the 50 day MA

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