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US Stocks Watchlist - 11 November 2021

There were 39 stocks for the US stocks watchlist today. Here's a small sample from the list:

ENPH, LC, NEWR, RIVN + 35 more...

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Significant Bars

A big few weeks of stocks with Significant Bars, or Power Earnings Gaps, or High Volume Close, or Buyable Gaps Ups etc.

Whatever you want to call them it doesn't matter. All that matters is how the stocks react in the days after relative to that bar

LCID, ABNB, TTD, RBLX for example

$RNG Ringcentral - Stage 1

RNG had a high volume earnings gap yesterday which moved it back through the declining 30 week MA and into early Stage 1. So is starting to build a base, but will take time to develop.

The relative strength line is improving but it is still below the zero line (52 week RS MA)

Note: RNG had a monthly Stage 2 advance of 1600%+ (2017 to 2021)

Disclaimer: For educational purpose only. Not investment advice. Seek professional advice from a financial advisor before making any investing decisions.