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US Stocks Watchlist - 9 November 2021

There were 18 stocks for the US stocks watchlist today. Here's a small sample from the list:

DASH, PUBM, PAR, SEMR + 14 more...

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Watchlist Stocks on the move

$RBLX highlighted yesterday and multiple times in the last few months in the Stage Analysis Watchlist gapped up strongly on earnings results today, on the second largest ever volume to close up +42% and near to the highs of the day, which puts it in Stage 2.

The weekly volume is already 3.42x the average weekly volume, and so easily meets the Stage Analysis A+ criteria for volume on a Stage 2 breakout of more than 2x the weekly average.

Relative strength is also outperforming the S&P 500, and so it will be key to watch how it reacts to the Significant Bar that it's formed today in the coming days. As with the large institutional level volume coming into the stock, it will be one to watch for a potential low risk entry point to form in the upper part of the todays Significant Bar.

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