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US Breakout Stocks Watchlist - 20th January 2020

For the watchlist from the weekend scans of the US stockmarket - AVLR, CDNS, CHGG, COST, CRMT, DISCA, EBMT, FARO, FLIR, FWRD, HMI, INTU, LVGO, MKSI, NNBR, NVCR, NWL, PETS, PLAN, POL, PTON, SMG, TTWO, VECO, VRRM, VTRN, WERN, ZUMZ

It's a big list, and I did have a lot more. So it shows the shear number of breakouts and stocks close to breaking out at the moment.

Disclaimer: For educational purpose only. Not investment advice. Seek professional advice from a financial advisor before making any investing decisions.