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Finding stocks with the best potential can be difficult. For many years now I've created the US Stocks Watchlist to try and find the stocks that meet the Stage Analysis method criteria and that are near to potential entry points in the coming days, weeks or months. i.e they may be in late Stage 1 developing a Wyckoff Spring or breaking out in early Stage 2 on strong relative volume, or tightening up with Volatility Contraction Pattern (VCP) characteristics in a re-accumulation base after having a strong Stage 2 advance.

Disclaimer: This is not a stock alerts service. We won’t tell you what stocks to buy or sell. But if you follow the watchlist it may give you ideas for your own trades and save you countless hours, by giving you a more refined starting point for your own stock research.

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US Stocks Watchlist – 10 October 2022

The market continued lower today with less aggression than Friday and on lower volume. But is now within one standard deviation of the prior low, and so it could be tested tomorrow, and if supply remains dominant...
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Stage Analysis Members Weekend Video – 9 October 2022 (1hr 27mins)

The regular members weekend video discussing the market, industry groups, market breadth and individual stocks from the watchlist in more detail. This week beginning with a special feature on Gold and Silver and the Miners as they show near term relative strength and attempt to move towards Stage 4B- or Stage 1.
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US Stocks Watchlist – 2 October 2022

I highlighted the Precious Metals group in the US Stocks Industry Groups Relative Strength Rankings weekend post, and the watchlist scans also picked up a number of stocks from the group potentially transitioning from Stage 4B- towards Stage 1, as the PM group/s had a strong week, while the broad market ended lower breaking down from the recent range...
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US Stocks Watchlist – 27 September 2022

The market attempted to bounce today with a typical characteristic of bear markets of the higher open that then gets sold into. However, the market failed to close below the June low, and ended slightly off the bottom of the range, with many stocks in similar positions, with three days of consolidation around the lows of their bases...
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