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Finding stocks with the best potential can be difficult. For many years now I've created the US Stocks Watchlist to try and find the stocks that meet the Stage Analysis method criteria and that are near to potential entry points in the coming days, weeks or months. i.e they may be in late Stage 1 developing a Wyckoff Spring or breaking out in early Stage 2 on strong relative volume, or tightening up with Volatility Contraction Pattern (VCP) characteristics in a re-accumulation base after having a strong Stage 2 advance.

Disclaimer: This is not a stock alerts service. We won’t tell you what stocks to buy or sell. But if you follow the watchlist it may give you ideas for your own trades and save you countless hours, by giving you a more refined starting point for your own stock research.

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Stage Analysis Members Midweek Video – 18 May 2022 (1hr 17mins)

The Stage Analysis Members Midweek Video features Analysis of the Stages of the major US sectors, as well as a look at the sector breadth visual the custom IBD Industry Groups Bell Curve – Bullish % chart that I do for the members that shows the distribution of the 200 IBD Industry Groups as a bell curve chart...
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Stage Analysis Members Weekend Video – 15 May 2022 (1hr 40mins)

This weekends Stage Analysis Members Video features the Major Indexes Review and analysis of the Sector Breadth charts. Plus the US Stocks Industry Groups Relative Strength tables and groups of interest. The Market Breadth Charts to determine The Weight of Evidence and the US Stocks Watchlist in Detail, with marked up charts of what I'm watching for on the long and short side.
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US Stocks Watchlist – 15 May 2022

Friday saw a large amount of strong moves in the more beaten down areas of the market, with short covering type moves on volume in numerous stocks. Which reversed the Bullish Percent Index column to Xs in the majority of the Software IBD subgroups and Semiconductor groups in the lower zone, and hence changes their P&F status to Bull Alert...
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US Stocks Watchlist – 12 May 2022

A very small list again today as the major Stage 4 decline in the market continues. There are a few group themes today with Specialty Chemicals and Electrical Components having multiple entries.
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Stage Analysis Members Weekend Video – 8 May 2022 (1hr 29mins)

This weekends Stage Analysis Members Video features analysis of the multiple Stage 2 breakouts and significant bars. Market analysis of the major indexes, US Industry Groups Relative Strength tables. The market breadth update to help to determine the weight of evidence. US stocks watchlist and finally a look at some of the most interesting stocks with earnings this coming week.
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