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104 Dow Jones Sector Industry Groups sorted by Relative Strength

104 Dow Jones Sector Industry Groups sorted by Relative Strength. Purpose is to track RS changes across the groups each week using stockcharts SCTR rating.

The top 10 risers this week were:
1. Broadline Retailers
2. Home Construction
3. Medical Equipment
4. Media Agencies
5. Computer Hardware
6. Automobiles
7. Financial Administration
8. Food Retailers & Wholesalers
9. Software
10. Pharmaceuticals

The Internet Group $DJUSNS is notable this week for its relative strength vs the market, as it had a strong move up of 10 to 4th place overall, and has a number of stocks that have been appearing in the watchlist and daily private twitter feed, such as $DASH, $PINS, $BILI, $ABNB etc.

Attached current top 50 sectors plus sectors with the strongest moves this week and the last 12 weeks.

You can find out which stocks are in each industry group by going to and clicking on the name of the group

Disclaimer: For educational purpose only. Not investment advice. Seek professional advice from a financial advisor before making any investing decisions.