US Breakout Stocks Watchlist - 2 December 2020

For the watchlist from Wednesdays scans - BAND, BIDU, BLNK, CRWD*, DADA, FROG, FUV, JMIA, LASR, NIO, ONEM, PDCO, PENN, SE, SHOP, SNAP, SPOT, TWLO, UBER, ZS*

*Earnings today

A few potential buyable gap up candidates in there tonight following tonights earnings, which don't show on the charts yet.

EV stocks had strong reversals today (automatic reaction) following the sharp pullbacks they've had over the last week. So potential for the bounce to continue if demand is still there. Or if the smart money uses the bounces to sell their shares to the weaker hands, before a potential rug pull and a wave of secondary offerings in the group.

Noticing the ARK Investment accumulation in $API for last four days, and a bunch of other days over the last few months too. But a strong cluster following a Wyckoff Spring / Undercut & Rally below the range a few weeks back with a good Secondary Test today which closed in the upper part of the days closing range showing a good sign of demand and lack of supply.

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