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US Stocks Watchlist - Weekly charts - 15 November 2020

Here are few of the better looking weekly charts from this weeks watchlist stocks:


*Earnings due this week

SONO is one of the more interesting charts to me, as has had a massive double bottom pattern over the last two years and is now developing a Stage 1 base near the highs, above the IPO week low. The RS line is above a flat zero line and it has good liquidity. So has potential for a Stage 2A breakout attempt.

BILI is also very interesting as it has earnings this week, and moved over 300% from its lows, and has had a very contained -25% pullback range that has developed over the last four months above the rising 30 week MA. Relative strength remains near the highs and volume has shown good signs the last few weeks as it's held the tests of the 10 week MA.

In other areas this week, there was numerous Stage 2A breakouts this week in the airline stocks and hospitality stocks like hotels for example. However, the quality of the breakouts was very poor and many drifted lower into the end of the week. So none were of interest, as the majority remain below huge resistance and have poor relative strength. This could change with a group theme in play, but with the strong remaining resistance in most, it will need a lot of volume to come in the groups as a whole.

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