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US Breakout Stocks Watchlist - 27 April 2020

For the US watchlist from Mondays scans - AUDC, CHGG, CIEN, CJJD, COUP, DIOD, INSG, INSW, MAG, MCO, MDB, PING, PLD, SE, TNK, TNP, TSLA, TW, UI, YI, ZS

It was big list tonight to go through, with lots of cup and handle type patterns showing up in the scans. A few had decent volume, but in the majority the volume was only around average. For example SE in the list, which I highlighted on twitter earlier today, I was considering entering as the early volume showed some promise. But by the end of the day it only had around average volume and so I chose not to enter, as I'm looking for a minimum of 2x the average daily volume on the breakout, but ideally more. So although the setup looked promising I chose to hold off and continuing watching.

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