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US Breakout Stocks Watchlist - 15th January 2020

For the watchlist from Wednesdays scans - AOSL, BF/B, ES, EGX, GRWG, ICE, JCOM, LEN, LSXMA, NIO, PHM, PLG, PPLT, TGNA, WLH

Note: Homebuilders stocks are showing up all over my scans the last few days, and in other members scans too with multiple Stage 2 continuation breakouts in the sector. So it's a sector to focus in on right now if you are using the Forest to the Trees approach from the Stage Analysis method.

Cannabis stocks are continuing the short squeeze, and another one made it in the watchlist today, which was GRWG, with potential for a Stage 2 continuation move.

The other area of note today was Platinum stocks came up in the scans today and helpfully some were recommended by one of the commenters on last nights YouTube video.

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