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UK Stocks Watchlist - 27th November 2019

For the UK Watchlist from Wednesdays scans - APH.L, CCC.L, COD.L, EPWN.L, GRI.L, IHP.L, VLX.L

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US Stocks Watchlist – 29 November 2022

The pullback over the last few days and general consolidation range that's formed in the major indexes like the S&P 500 (shown above) since the secondary Follow Through Day (FTD) has put a number of stocks and groups in a more favourable position than they were at the FTD, with many stocks consolidating on low volume and tight spreads under potential Stage 2 breakout levels...
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COMPQ D 27 11 22

Stage Analysis Members Video – 27 November 2022 (1hr 24mins)

The Stage Analysis members weekend video discussing the market indexes, Dollar index, commodities, industry groups relative strength, IBD industry group bell curve – bullish percent, market breadth charts to determine the weight of evidence, this weeks Stage 2 breakout attempts and the US watchlist stocks in detail on multiple timeframes.
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