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Introduce yourself here!

Hi everyone,

This thread is a place for new members to introduce themselves and say a little bit (or a lot if they want to) about their trading history. It would be also be useful if you mentioned how long you've traded using Stan Weinstein's method, i.e. whether you've just finished the book for the first time or have been using it for years.

My personal trading journey with Stan Weinstein's method has been well documented on the Stan Weinstein's Stage Analysis thread on t2w - which since September 2011 has developed into a huge free resource of the method, and has links to multiple interviews that Stan Weinstein has done, and has hundreds of examples of the different stages and in-depth discussion on identifying the stages and all aspects of the book. My hope with this site is to expand on what I've done with that thread and to take my understanding of the method to the next level.

Welcome to Stage Analysis


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RE: Introduce yourself here!

ive been trading about 18 years now. over the years have used various methods involving charts and chart patterns. i don't strictly trade weinstein as such as tend to trade shorter term, but do a)look on shorter timeframes at various stages, b have an interest especially as far as the indexes are going..

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RE: Introduce yourself here!

Hi folks,

I too have come over from isatrader's Trade2Win thread.

I have been investing in the financial markets for years now through collective investment vehicles and had great success with them. When I started as a self directed investor about five years ago I thought it would n't be long before I was making a good living out of the game and living near to the beach on a sub tropical island. You know the one I mean. Of course I was wrong. Anyway to cut a long story short, after making all the mistakes in the book I have come back to the Weinstein method of stage analysis.

It was one of the first books I read but for some reason it did n't resonate with me. I probably still had the mistaken belief that day trading and pulling money out of the market on a daily basis was going to become the normRolleyes. I have had some success trading with just price action, support and resistance and candles stick patterns on swing basis in forex the indices and gold. This is pretty much a discretionary system, and the opportunities I see are few and far between for my liking. I prefer the Weinstein's stage analysis because I see it as largely a rules based or mechanical method.

So I came to isatrader's T2W thread about three months ago, read the book for the second time and decided that this was the best way forward. The trader method suits my personality more than the investor and it is that alignment with personality and trading method which is the most important aspect of this game. Without that, you are dead in the water. One other thing I would say for the complete newbie which is also related, you must master yourself first to become successful. I'm sure even the most successful of traders/investors have n't a 100% record on that issue but high percentage is definitely a requirement in my opinion. Work in progress with me.

I look forward to interacting with members for the mutual benefit of all concerned.

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RE: Introduce yourself here!


I have been trading for the past 5 years and can say I have paid alot of school fees with some hard knocks from shares and indices trading. One day I stumbled across Stan’s simple style of analyzing the shares and am very grateful to find someone like isatrader and others who has taken his book and are helping us all to apply it practically.

I have been focusing all my efforts on understanding Stan’s stage analysis for about a year now. My ultimate desire with this strategy is to make it as mechanical as possible (where possible) to take out my emotions from trading.

I hope in some way I will be able to contribute something meaningful to this forum specially once I have worked out a way of identify the stages mechanically to some degree.

P.S. It takes me forever to write a post on forums (with all my grammer and spelling mistakes) but I am following and hopefully will improve over time.


"The more mechanical I've made my system and the less subject to judgments and emotions, the more profitable it has become." Stan Weinstein

RE: Introduce yourself here!

Hello everyone,

I have been a passive investor using full service broker and implementing a buy and hold strategy. Now, I want to be more self directed.

I just read Stan's book, and am starting to reread. Get the feeling I am back in school studying for exam. Am also reading the old posts.
I just started following this thread on Trade2Win. So, right now I am in a learning mode. Learning stockbroker site and trying to really understand Stan and his method.

I just stumbled across T2W website and the Stage Analysis thread was just what I was looking for. It is a treasure trove of info. Have been reluctant to participate because of lack of knowledge and not wanting to just ask beginners questions.

I would just like to thank Isatrader for all his time, effort, passion, comments etc. that he has put into these discussions. It is fantastic and a catalyst for me to learn more. Thank you.

I hope in the future I can contribute meaningfully, and not just ask questions.

PS. Am terrible typist, apologizing in advance.

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RE: Introduce yourself here!

New to this forum, but first ran into Stan Weinstein's book in 2001 after I paid my first tuition in the school of trading. Since then, I've re-read Stan's book numerous times, and what I've concluded is that while the process sounds simple, it requires a lot of discipline and selectivity.

Over the years, I've seen or heard Stan do interviews, whether on Nightly Business Report or on the radio, but I've not found much discussion of his Stage Analysis among traders. Then I found the Stage Analysis thread on the T2W forums, and I'm impressed by the work isatrader has done!


RE: Introduce yourself here!

Hello traders/investors-

First of all, a special thanks to isa for sending me an invite to this forum, and for putting in countless hours of research over at t2w. Much appreciated my man.

About me- I first read the book about a year ago and have been educating myself on the stock market for about 2. I guess you could say I have been trying to figure out my identity as a market contributor the entire time. While primarily using Stan's method, I still flirt with the fundamentals from time to time, more to figure out where the VERY long term trends are going to be. As for my positions, I trade both options and stocks and my time frames vary from 2 weeks to two years. (Like I said, trying to figure out what is best for me)..

Being that I am relatively new to the game, I tend to sit back and take it all in to learn as much as possible. When I have something useful, I will post it here.

Thanks again and looking forward to sharing information with you all!


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RE: Introduce yourself here!

Hear hear to Beaches, Gdiddy and Lockedin's praise for isatrader for his dedication and encouragement in the study of Weinstein's method. Thanks a lot for the invite, isatrader. I liked very much the t2w thread, but your website I must say looks fantastic and an incredible amount of time and effort you are putting into it.
Alan at Sharehunter first got me interested in the method and helped me make some good money. I prefer the investor method, and I trade only small amounts. I always check the newsflow on a share. To new students, I'd say try to forget other charting knowledge, don't get overwhelmed by all the detailed dos and don'ts, but instead learn the few basic rules so you can see them quickly on any chart. When you have done that, then add back in the refinements and nuances by Weinstein and, of course, by isatrader! Try then to add adaptions to suit your own time availability and flexibility, and other bits of charting (and possibly fundamental) knowledge which you may have learned before.
Keep a good record and use it to check that the extra effort involved over a savings account or an index tracker is profitable enough to be worth doing. At times you will find you struggle to do so.


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