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How to attach an image to a post

Adding an image to your post as an attachment is very simple:

  1. Scroll to the bottom below your post and you will see the section called "Attachments".
  2. Where it says "New Attachment" click the "Browse" button
  3. Find your image on your computer.
  4. Click the "Add Attachment" button.
  5. Now the image is attached, you can either add another image or if you are finished then click the "Post Thread" button.
For charts I recommend using the .png instead of a .jpg as it produces clearer, sharper charts with smaller file sizes which also helps the site as big images add extra load to the servers.

Alternatively, if you want to host an image elsewhere and link to it in the thread, then click the "insert image" button and copy in the url from the host website. For linked images try to keep the pixels width under 850 pixels wide.

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