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RE: Introduce yourself here! - Locked in - 2013-06-07

(2013-06-07, 06:31 PM)Tryst Wrote: sorry, forgot to mention that there is another thread coverage you have a link to that as I can't find it?


Humm, not sure, I guess it isn't here. But, I know there was a lot of talk about it in Isa's trade2win thread at

If you read through, you can see some suggestions as well as looking at chart posts to see what people are/were using. I'm sure you can probably find an entire thread dedicated to the subject over there as well..not sure though

RE: Introduce yourself here! - isatrader - 2013-06-08

(2013-06-05, 11:36 PM)Tryst Wrote: 1) How many monitors do people use? If more than 1 monitor, how have you handled this on your PC/graphics card?

I use a single 27" iMac. But this is due to me being a graphic designer, as the design software I use has always been for the Mac, and only more recently has it been becoming more available on PCs. So I never use PCs if I can help it, as it's a completely different operating system.

With regards to graphics cards and hardware. You should always buy the best you can afford at the time of purchase imo, as computer technology moves very fast, and you'll often find cheaper entry level products obsolete very quickly. But for End of day (EOD) trading - which Weinstein's method is - you can happily get by with a cheap second hand PC for a few hundred quid with a single monitor and rubbish graphics card as EOD charting software isn't demanding at all. But if you're running multiple monitors then you'll need more power and hence should get the best graphics card you can afford imo.

(2013-06-05, 11:36 PM)Tryst Wrote: 2) What trading software do you use and what are your thoughts? I know there is some brief coverage of this on this thread already, but I would like to know I am fully aware of what is out there before making a commitment. I am aware of the following:
- ProRealTime (currently using this for EoD data, and find it is very good)
- ShareScope (not used but has been recommended)
- IncredibleCharts (seems like the budget line of charting software)

I use an EOD trading program for the Mac called ProTA Gold for my charting, as the charts are very clear and the scripting language is very simple to create custom indicators like the Mansfield Relative Performance. The data has to be imported though, so it depends on where you get your data from to how accurate your charts will be. I use multiple sources, one free source for the US stocks which is Yahoo finance, and one paid for monthly for UK stocks which is ADVFN.

I also use for US charting which I also subscribe to the Extra service, and another one that's good for Weinstein's method is as it has the Mansfield Relative Strength built in to the charts and it's scanners, but is US stocks and ETFs only.

Other options are:;; MetaStock - which an EOD program; and I'm sure there's many others as well. But use free trials to see what suits you best, and keep your expenses to a minimum.

RE: Introduce yourself here! - Tryst - 2013-06-08

Thanks for taking the time to reply both. I'll be going through these chart sites when i'm free tomorrow.

RE: Introduce yourself here! - Locked in - 2013-06-12

Tryst, it just hit me I forgot to say that Scottrade has an internal platform that is real time quotes and charts..down to the second. That is actually the reason I chose them..So I use them during the day and then switch to others like ProRealTime to screen daily and weekly charts. You are able to use it if you put in a couple grand or so (called Scottrader streaming quotes). The next option is Scottrade Elite but that requires 100k I believe. Either way, it is a decent trading platform for free (as long as you open the account)

Here is a 5 minute chart-


U.S. stocks only by the way

RE: Introduce yourself here! - bluemosaic - 2013-06-12

Just to add to my original post on software - I went for Sharescope Gold which was great - love the charts and ease of moving through the data. However, in order to develop scripts to support Mansfield RP etc. then needed to upgrade to Plus version. Turns out the sharescript language is a pain to use - poorly defined, unintuitive and debugging tooling is less than useful. Therefore decided to dump it completely and have moved back to ProRealTime again for now

RE: Introduce yourself here! - theblackmamba - 2013-06-13

when I want any scripts done I just get their programmers to write
back in blighty few hours ago..must be tim,e for another hols soon...

RE: Introduce yourself here! - Tryst - 2013-06-13

Thanks, locked in, Scottrade sounds good having that free chart software. Shame it doesn't do UK companies too.

Bluemosaic, that is interesting to know. ProRealTime looks like the one to beat in terms of software on a Windows platform.

RE: Introduce yourself here! - isatrader - 2013-06-13

I'm reasonably confident that I can code the Mansfield Relative Strength data in the ProRealTime's stock screener, so that we can create Relative Strength lists in there, which will certainly make it more useful if I can.