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RE: Introduce yourself here! - jduke99 - 2018-11-14

Hi, I've been dabbling in trading for a few years but just came across Stan Weinstein's book last week and have been amazed by its clarity.  Hugely grateful to @isatrader for running this site and enabling us to learn and share ideas around this work.

RE: Introduce yourself here! - Ricardo B - 2018-11-29

Hi everybody,
Ricardo Borges here, based in Europe, focusing on global markets. I have a few years of investing using fundamental analysis .. with painful outcomes and a large ‘accident’ due to the over leverage trap. Thanks to such tuition fee from the ‘fate’ school of hard knocks, in 2018 I started a journey to focus on risk management and emotional management. I have been experimenting with non-directional options strategies whilst aiming to benefit from divergences between expected versus historical volatility. 
Yes, in this journey I just found about Stan Weinstein work and it was/is an Eureka moment for me. The approach seems to fit well into my desire to be more mechanical, self-improvement with the use of backtesting, less judgmental and to stop fighting the market, but rather be aligned and in peace with the direction of equities (and with myself). Thank you to isatrader and all contributors to this site. Live long and ...

RE: Introduce yourself here! - DaveyK - 2018-12-10

Hi all,
Dave Knight here, based in Bristol and recently read Stans book (Massive respect to Stan!) following a chance meeting with a fellow forum member who pointed me in this very positive direction (Huge thanks to Atweed!).
No trading experience, but always had an interest - albeit supressed!

So now trying to put the pieces of the jigsaw together to turn the theory in to a practical dash board of activities and pull the relevant information together and pick some shares.
I’ll be navigating the various discussion threads but are very keen to hear from any individuals who have already honed this process and don’t mind answering a few questions - Apologies in advance if I ask some rather basic ones!
A special thanks to Isa for putting this platform together!

RE: Introduce yourself here! - keyw1z - 2019-01-14

Hi everyone,

I am very very fresh off the pages of Stan's book. I have been trying to analyse the markets before I came across the method but lacked the discipline and direction. I hope to turn a new page.

Having gone through some areas of the forum over the last 4-5 I have decided to join to at least say how impressed I am with such an active community. Huge respect for isatrader (#shoutout) for amassing such a knowledge base and taking the time to try and help new starters like myself.

Hope I can learn as effectively as I can do to share my experience with you all.

See you around here.


RE: Introduce yourself here! - Navarre - 2019-01-27

Hi All,

I am half way through reading Stan's book and already wishing I had read it before taking over management of my investments 9 months ago.  I realise now that I have been doing nothing more than gambling.  
Every time Stan describes a stupid mistake that investors often make, I've been thinking "sh*t, that's exactly what I did" Undecided   

I am convinced of the wisdom of Stan's methods, and want to learn more. 

Glad to find this forum!



RE: Introduce yourself here! - Richard - 2019-04-08

Hi All, firstly thanks to IsaTrader for setting us this resource - its great to have found this.

I read Stan's book in May 2018 as recommend by member Shaun Attwood, and found it to be fantastic.

I've since read a couple of books by John Murphy on technical analysis to learn more about indicators.

I placed 6 trades last year, and felt I did ok to come out even given the commissions and learning curve involved. FOMO and the general emotions of having live trades were a real eye opener.

Look forward to learning more and sharing ideas with others.


RE: Introduce yourself here! - briansmith456 - 2019-05-23


I have read Stain Weinstein's book years back but had a difficult time applying it (would buy a stock over the 30 week ma often only to find it collapse back down so obviously I was getting in too early or too late most likely). I look forward to learning more about proper stage analysis set ups and am hoping that there are Canadians here who have Canadian watch lists as I only have CAD $s to buy on the Toronto Stock exchange.


RE: Introduce yourself here! - canucck - 2019-05-23


My name is Mike and I live in Southern California, where it is much warmer than my native Canada! I found this site through the recommendation of Shaun Attwood, who has a great blog and Youtube channel. I have been looking for a site like this for a long time, and am interested in learning more from the community. Cheers!