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RE: Introduce yourself here! - ChristianFloyd - 2016-05-23

Hi Everyone,

Im Christian, 31 from Australia. Very happy to stumble across this forum and a big thank you to all the contributors, its fantastic to be able to read, share and learn Stans method of trading.

I was first introduced to Stans book and method from a mentor when i expressed i wanted to learn about trading. I have been actively trading for 6 months now and truly enjoy it. After recently making some silly trading mistakes and loosing discipline i decided to read Stans book again and its just as good as the first time i read it. Its amazing how you can reread a book again and gain new insights from it. Much credit to Stan and his stage analysis.

I wonder if there is any other Australian members on this forum? Perhaps we can get an ASX thread going?

Looking forward to communicating with you all at some point.



RE: Introduce yourself here! - pcabc - 2016-05-23

(2016-05-22, 09:24 PM)nlkane48 Wrote: ...knowledge of technical analysis and fundamental analysis. I have read about Stan Weinstein's stage analysis model. I did read a book by Chuck Dukas, "The TRENDadvisor Guide to Beakthrough Profits." This book relies upon stage analysis and uses charts and technical analysis indicators to define the following six stages: recovery, accumulation, bullish, warning, distribution and bearish. Both Stan Weinstein and Chuck Dukas are listed in the article "The Best and the Brightest of Technical Analysis," Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities V. 21:12 (54-56). Mr. Dukas has a website at Thank you very much for your website. It is exceptionally educational and useful.


Interesting references.

RE: Introduce yourself here! - Sartois - 2016-07-05

Hi all,

I'm very glad to have found this site, I recently got a copy of Stan's book and it resonated with a lot of the ways that I think about the stock market. I'm a psychologist by profession, and of course moving averages are all about the psychology of the players.

I've been investing for a number of years now, and have recently opened a few spreadbetting accounts to do some shorting. I'm not really interested in 'trading' per se, I think there's enough action to make good money through investing - plus I don't want to spend vast amounts of time poring through charts. So I've budgeted three hours a week (on a Sunday evening) to look through my charts. I use the Sharescope programme, which is very good and makes life a lot easier. Smile


RE: Introduce yourself here! - Smellypunks - 2016-07-28

Evening all.

Have been reading the site for a while now and thought it about time I added to the conversation.

Back story is I have been investing for about 7 years with mixed success and discovered stage analysis last year and read stan's book in Jan this year. So far so good, portfolio is looking happier. Smile


RE: Introduce yourself here! - odlareg - 2016-07-29

Hello all,
My name is Gerardus.

This is a great website! Thanx isatrader for all your efforts and commitment.

I live in the Netherlands. I do not care where to buy/short stocks. But am mostly US orientated. I like Finviz, as it is free and offers much backgroundratio. I use a free version of ProRealTime(PRT) and made a screener to find LT setups. I like clean Weinstein setups, without much chop. And buy/sell the break or rebounce. Recently I started to use the free charts of Finviz, to make visual selections, kind of Stans approach with the Mansfield charts. Finviz gives the opportunity to see 48 charts in one screen. I like the weekly line setup. When the price of the share gets flat, a stage 2 appears. I get a good feel for changes in different groups as much shares of one group start appearing in Stage 2. Steel is very promising at the moment. All near historically lows. I made 4 portfolios in Finviz, for each stage. I can check incredibly fast visually what is happening. It does give some extra information such as last EPS,sales and shares outstanding (5 years). This info is not free. Sometimes you remark weird things with this extra info. Like the EPS is rising from -5 to -1. Looks very promising, however the amount of shares fivefolded, so no real advancing in this. Or sales are deteriorating and EPS is rising and share does not move. So a good breakout is to be expexted. I like to get some fantasy in the stocks i trade. Finviz gives info about the institutional buying and selling and the short interest. Besides this I like the layout of Finviz. When I find an interesting share I have a look for it in PRT. To screen for long monthly history. And I use Also free. It gives the profile of the company, news and analyses. And financial facts. Also about the earnings (forecast and realised). Companies beating the forecast twice are getting better ranks at Zack's.
I have been trading in the past (1996 -2001) with good result. I started with 50.000 and turned it into 1.000.000. Please do not ask what happened afterwards, but it had to do with lack of shorting capabilities. Just pleased to be back at the market.

I tried daytrading for a long while, but do not like sitting all day behind the screen (and wasn't profitable). Life has more to offer.

I am a mechanical trader in the sense that I trade like an entrepreneur. Which means leveraged, like the companies do we all invest in. For every buy in stage 2 I will take a sell in stage 4. So netto I do not need any money for buying/selling. But this is just theory, as we all know most brokers do not allow you to open an account wihout money.( Should be fun though). My liquidity serves me to protect me against my broker in case of: 1) a black swan occasion , to cover my longs. The shorts will take care of theirselves. 2) take over bid, when short.

I manage my portfolio in a spread sheet. Portfolio action is required after a increase/decrease of liquidity. Stock related action is required after stage change or a stop loss hit. Tool will be cfd's most of the time.

I am looking forward to cooperate with all of you. If anyone is interested in my mechanical entrepreneur approach, feel free to ask.

Isa, I notice the accent is most on finding stage 2. Am I right? Anyone specialised here in stage 4?

RE: Introduce yourself here! - isatrader - 2016-07-29

(2016-07-29, 09:01 AM)odlareg Wrote: Isa, I notice the accent is most on finding stage 2. Am I right? Anyone specialised here in stage 4?

Welcome to site to all the recent new members.

I focus on Stage 2 setups, as I trade long only personally. But shaunattwood would be a good member to talk too if you are interested in Stage 4, as he does a lot of shorting.

RE: Introduce yourself here! - iRookie - 2016-07-30

Hi All!

I have been trading (and now investing) over the last 1.5 years. Year one was a complete disaster financially, but the greatest year of my life! The stock market has truly been a miracle that has forced me to dedicate myself to the journey of investing.

I have read quite a few books related to trading/investing over my span of 1.5 years (I actually walked into trading cold turkey), but three of them had quite an impact: Jesse Stine's book (probably not well known, but worth a read, great guy), O'neil's book, and the biggest impact Stan's. I have now read it over 3 times and I am not sure how many times I have read various passages over and over. It remains on my desk as a reminder. I have also made a quick summary which I re-read so that I make less and less mistakes.

I am an island trader, i.e. I communicate really with nobody since January (and had the greatest results since that time), no media, no social media, no stock market talk; however what drew me to this site is some nice posts on the threads that I can learn from. I do apologize but I will most likely make very little posts, but hopefully as time goes on I can get off the island and contribute and help others.

Best wishes to all!

RE: Introduce yourself here! - perbreivik - 2016-11-02


My name is Per, I from Norway but live in Rio de Janeiro. I have been trading for 10 years and used various methods. I am in the process of reading Stan´s good and I find it very exiting. His method seems so simple and makes a lot of sence. I really want to dig more into his method and understand every espect of it. I am looking forward to be part of the community and learn a lot from all of you.

I use TC2000 charting software and was wondering if the Mansfield Relative Strength can be plotted? Has anybody developed a search to help finding the different stages? How do you all scan the markets, as there is a lot of stocks to look through.

Looking forward to good discussion and successful trading.