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RE: Introduce yourself here! - durian1994 - 2020-09-03

(2020-08-14, 04:21 PM)daddybyday Wrote:
(2020-08-14, 01:25 PM)ianbate222 Wrote: Hi, I just took the stage analysis course ( I have to review many sections as there is much too it). I highly recommend the course to others.

I just finished it as well, Ian, so we can be NOOBS together  Cool


Speaking of noobs I guess I should welcome myself. Been watching Shaun Attwood's videos on stans book and I felt the truth really resonated with me after watching other videos on the stock market.

I haven't finished the book yet but have gone through the first chapter twice to reiterate terms. Being from Australia I was training my eyes on charts in the ASX. I saw a company under BRN doing well with high volume and performing above MA after being in a long trading range. I wonder what you guys think if it?


RE: Introduce yourself here! - JordanBrogan - 2020-11-04

Hi all,

Thought I might as well do this..
Im Jordan, 20 years old, always been interested in the stock market but never knew where to start (a lot of rubbish out there ) and my parents didn't want me to risk my savings incase it all failed (fair enough) . I found the book and this forum though shaun Atwood. 
Im starting out with 1k capital (lost a tad from making some rookie mistakes) however if all goes well, willing to invest some more in a few months time 
I work in finance but currently furloughed again so theres no better time to try and learn this best i can
I currently use trading212 - looking at other brokers but hesitant to use atm because of my small capital
and using stock free trail 
My aim is like everyones at the start - make enough to go full time and retire young! 
Nice to meet you all, you all seem friendly and help each other out 


RE: Introduce yourself here! - TanishaAmin - 2020-11-05

Hello, I am new to this forum and I've found this site interesting and useful. I’m looking forward to joining the forums, helping people out with my thoughts and learning from others.